M/V Pukuk 

Pukuk (pronounced puk-uk) is an Inupiaq word meaning poking around and getting into things.  ie: Visit the Aleutians to research, observe, and pukuk around.

The 72' Pukuk was custom built for Alaska chartering.  State of the art safety and comfort features make this vessel ideal for customers with limited experience at sea or who have reservations about living on and traveling by boat.  If you do have ocean experience you will appreciate these features even more. 

Safety Features

Safety equipment includes:

  • 16 person self-inflating life raft
  • Survival suits for all aboard
  • Epirb (a self-activated device that alerts rescuers of your location)
  • Flooding and fire alarms
  • Fixed fire system
  • VHF and sideband radio systems
  • Satellite phone
  • First aid kit
  • Flare kit
  • Emergency survival kit (with first aid, hand held radio, flares, etc.)
  • Life rings
  • Back up navigation equipment

In addition, the deck has a safe non-skid surface and is
surrounded by a high stainless steel safety rail.  The crew
has been trained in boat safety procedures and passengers
receive a safety briefing at the beginning of the charter. 

Stabilization System

The Pukuk has an advanced electronic-hydraulic stabilization system which enables the boat to ride more comfortably in rough weather.  This is a particularly important feature for passengers with little boating experience who may be concerned about motion sickness. 


  • Common Area - Below deck is a common area for meals, relaxing, visiting, and entertainment.  This area includes the galley, two cushioned bench seats and tables, a flat screen television and DVD player, and a small beverage refrigerator.  This area has three large portholes and a hatch with three skylights, creating an unusual amount of natural light in a below-deck space.  The hatch can be opened for lowering customer's large equipment and supplies below deck.  This area is spacious enough for both passengers and crew to enjoy at once. 

  • Galley - All meals  are prepared by our full time cook.  The galley is equipped with all stainless steel appliances and has enough freezer and refrigerator space to accommodate any length of voyage.  Meal times can be adjusted to fit your schedule and box lunches will be provided when necessary.  Please let us know in advance if you have any allergies or special dietary needs.
  • Staterooms - Four comfortable staterooms are below deck.  Each room has an opening bronze port hole, multiple power outlets, hooks, shelves and adjustable heaters.  Three state rooms have two berths each and one large stateroom has four berths.  Pukuk can accommodate up to ten clients per charter.  Each berth has a memory foam mattress, bedding, and a personal reading light. 

  • Heads (bathrooms) - There are two heads near the staterooms complete with showers, sink/vanities, and toilets.  Towels, washcloths, shampoo/conditioner, and soap are provided. 
  • Laundry - A utility room with a washer / dryer is available for passenger use.  Plan on using it for longer trips so that you can pack a minimal amount of luggage as storage space is limited. 
  • Other Rooms  - Additional rooms below deck include the crew quarters and the engine room.  If you are interested in the mechanics you may ask the captain or engineer to show you the engine room which also contains the generators and tools.
  • Pilot House - There is plenty of room for passengers who are interested in spending time in the pilot house.  Enjoy the scenery from every direction through the fifteen windows or ask and learn about the navigation electronics.  Passengers are always welcome in the pilot house. 

Deck Equipment

  • Crane - A crane is located on the starboard side of the deck.  It can be used to lift any equipment or supplies that clients may need for the trip.  Items lifted on board with the crane can be stowed on deck or lowered through the hatch to storage below.  It is also used to launch the transport skiff. 

  • Transport Skiffs -  The Pukuk carries two ship-to -shore inflatable skiffs, a five person and an eight person, with 20 hp and a 50 hp  four stroke engines, respectivily.  Life jackets are supplied for all passengers. 
  • Anchor - The Pukuk has an anchor adequate for a 120' vessel for maximum hold in a windy anchorage.

Engine, Generators, and Mechanical Information

Powered by a Northern Lights Lugger engine coupled with a Hundestead variable pitch propeller, the Pukuk is extremely fuel efficient. Two generators are also aboard, a ten kw, and a twenty one kw.

Structural Integrity

The Pukuk has a steel hull framed on 24" centers with a double plated bow.  The house, made from aluminum, is strong yet light for maximum stability. 


Quiet - The Pukuk, unlike many Alaskan research vessels, which are converted fishing boats,was designed to be extraordinarily quiet.  The inside and outside walls of the engine room are lined with heavy duty sound proofing.  In addition, sound proofing was added between all head and stateroom walls for privacy.  Even the dishwasher is surrounded by sound proofing !

Maneuverability - The Pukuk is equipped with a bow thruster for precise and quick maneuverability.  This provides easier movement in tight situations  such as docking shallow water, rocky bottoms and close proximity to land and debris.  The bow thruster also helps maintain position in high wind and strong current.

Stabilization - On each side of the hull below the water line is an electronic stabilization fin.  These fins will reduce the amount the boat rolls, making the ride more comfortable and stable.  If you are suffer from or are worried about motion sickness this system tackles the root of the problem - rocking.

Fuel Efficiency - The Pukuk has an extraordinarily low fuel consumption rate, due to the efficiency of the hull and the variable pitch propeller. This feature reduces the cost of operating dramatically compared to other custom charter operations.  Save money and be environmentally friendly by burning a minimal amount of fuel. 

Alaska Marine Expeditions
Research, Exploration, and Custom Charters

"Thanks to the small, but mighty crew that took us safely to one of the most remote places on earth.  As you have learned from us and seen the excitement that one can generate, we have learned from you.  This journey will be numbered among the most memorable of my life."

---Mary A. Anderson, Extreme Bird Watcher